Our Best of Kenya series is a paid writing assignment that encompasses all the sections of Msaidizi.com

This is how it works

1. Select a topic with the  heading below covering the topics of msaidizi.com (get familiar with them) under the heading “The top 10…….. best things in Kenya”

2. Complete the headline with your own topic for example

The top 10 football clubs in Kenya
The top 10 things to see in Mombasa
The top 10 counties to invest in in Kenya
The top 10 Kenyan gospel artists of 2015
the top 10 hiring industries in Kenya
As you can see, the list is only limited by your imagination.


We will be paying Ksh 250 per accepted featured entry and as much as Ksh 2500 per entry based on uniqueness and popularity. (comments,retweets,likes).

Any of our writers can submit as many pieces as they like.

We reserve the right to refuse entries and our decisions are final.


We recommend sharing your entries on social media to gain popularity and we will be sharing them on our social media campaigns as well. using the hashtag #bestofkenya

Goodluck and we look forward to reading your submissions.