Fitness industry leading the charge on hiring in the UK and Ireland

A successful ‘no frills’ fitness firm has opened its first gym , creating new jobs.

The founders of  mega Gym, have built up a healthy business since opening their first branch  in 2012 and a second much larger Gym followed in 2014.

Users can access fitness equipment without costly unwanted add-ons like swimming pools and saunas, according to the company.

The two-floor facility  also has space for fitness classes.

The Managing director, who has a long-standing background in the health and fitness industry, said: “Both the gyms have been running very successfully, and have proved that the low cost gym concept works well in Kenya.

“We can keep membership costs down by cutting out all the added frills that gym users don’t necessarily want, but end up paying for anyway elsewhere, while still offering the top quality equipment and changing facilities that people expect and tailoring the way we operate precisely to meet users’ needs.

“Nairobi has long been on our radar as a place in which we’d like to have a presence, so it’s great to be trading in what is an excellent location.

“We’ve got some very well-known names around us which has a big positive impact on brand visibility and footfall, and since opening our doors, we’ve had a great deal of interest in what we offer, which is very encouraging.

“We’ve had a great relationship with the NEL team, and the way in which they get on and get things done in a very efficient manner means we can get on with developing the business as we want to.”

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